Private Texting ( SMS ) Private Texting is available now.

see our Private Texting FAQ > to get information on using Private Texting.

Private Texting service connects a public SMS telephone number with your private cell phone. When you text from your private cell phone, the message is sent with only the public tele number showing. When someone texts to you, they only need to know the public number, we'll route all text messages to your private number.

- You get a dedicated SMS # (just for your use)
- All conversations are private
- Web interface lets you send/receive texts
- Web Interface lets you see history of texts
- Your personal cell is never revealed
- Private cells can send out messages that show only public SMS #.
- No long term commitments. Quit anytime.
- Low cost monthly

Private Texting Uses:
Provide Pre-Sales Information via Texting
Provide Customer Support via Texting
Communicate with customers 24 x 7 via texting

Private Texting

Private Texting case example.

You want to provide support to your customers via texting. Customers will ask questions via text, and expect quick responses back via text. You do not want to give out your employees private cell numbers.

Private Texting Solution:
Get a SMS # from us and we will route all messages to your employees personal number. When an employee writes back, it comes from your public number and your personal cell number is never revealed to customer. In addition, you can use our web interface to send/receive texts and see all messages.

Private Texting offers two plans. Personal or Professional.
Private Texting Services  
Dedicated SMS # (public number) Yes
Send & Receive Texts via Web Yes
Choose Area Code (U.S) of SMS # Yes
See History of Texts 1 Month
Technical Support by Email Yes
Live Chat to SMS Yes

Private Texting - $10.00 per month plus 5 cents per message.

Private Texting is available now. CLICK TO GET STARTED!
No long term commitments. Quit anytime.


1) Can my Public SMS # accept phone calls?
No, its just for text messages.

2) Can I respond and see text meesages in a web control panel?
Yes, we provide a web interface that allows you to see incoming messages as well as send out messages.

3) Can I turn off forwarding to my personal cell #?
Yes, you can shut off forwarding and just use the web interface. You control this setting within the web interface.

4) How are message credits used?
Any message coming inbound to your public number is charged one credit. Any message you send outbound is also charged a credit. When you send a message via your cell phone, you are charged two credits. One credit is used because we are accepting the message into our system, then another credit is charged when we forward the message.

5) How do I write a message to somebody?
From your phone: You send a message to your public number, the body must start with @1XXXXXXXXXX (the cell # of whom you are writing to) or @NICKNAME, then add a SPACE, then type the message. (all messages must be less than 140 chars).

From the web control panel: Press "SEND NEW TEXT MESSAGE" button, add TO number as 1XXXXXXXXXX, then add the body of your message. Press "SEND TEXT" button.
You may REPLY to an incoming message by pressing "REPLY".

6) What is a NickName?
Nicknames are names that you can assign to numbers. So when writing to someone on your cell, you can refer to them with the NickName you assigned. @NICKNAME.
Nicknames are assigned by you via the web control panel.

7) Do I need a smartphone or an APP?
NO, this service works with any phone with texting (SMS).


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