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Live Chat To Text service connects your web site visitors with you via texting. A Chat box on your web site allows a visitor to ask questions and chat with you 7 x 24. The web site visitor types their question into the Chat Bx on your web site, you get the question as a text message on your cell phone, you reply back, the visitor see the response in the Chat Box. When you text from your private cell phone, the message is sent and viewed within the Chat Box, your personal cell # is never shown. When someone types into the Chat Box, we'll route all text messages to your private number.

- You get HTML code to embed into your website
- All conversations are private between you and your web site visitor
- Web interface lets you send/receive Chat messages
- Web Interface lets you see history of Chats
- Your personal cell is never revealed
- Incoming Chat messages can be forwarded to several private cell phones.
- No long term commitments. Quit anytime.
- Low cost monthly

Live Chat to Text Uses:
Provide Pre-Sales Information via Texting
Provide Customer Support via Texting
Communicate with customers 24 x 7 via texting (since you always carry your cell phone)

Private Texting

Live Chat to Text case example.

You want to provide support to your customers via your web site. Customers will ask questions and expect quick responses back. You do not want to give out your employees private cell numbers.

Live Chat to Text Solution:
Install a Live Chat Box in your web site (we give you the simple HTML code to embed), we will route all messages to your employees personal number. When an employee writes back, it goes as a response into the Live Chat Box and your personal cell number is never revealed to customer. In addition, you can use our web interface to send/receive all messages.

Private Texting Services Included
HTML Code to Embed into your site Yes
Send & Receive Texts via Web Yes
See History of Texts 1 Year
Export History of Texts to Excel Yes
Tech Support by Email Yes
Tech Support by Phone Yes
Change forwarding to different cell number Otional
Forward to several cell numbers and/or email Optional
Convert Text to Speech Optional

$50.00 per month plus 10 cents per message. (with standard features)

PayPal payments accepted.                   paypal

No long term commitments. Quit anytime.


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